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ChiChi Rodriquez [userpic]

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October 11th, 2008 (02:57 am)

Time for another trip I think.

ChiChi Rodriquez [userpic]

Hello, Hello

August 4th, 2007 (08:38 am)

Hello mijas and mijos, whatever you might be, I might call you mami or papi from time to time so excuse me. Anyways I'm all offtracks here, I'm ChiChi. ChiChi Rodriguez, winner of the Drag Queen of America contest. See I'd be all stucked up and stuff but I wouldn't have gotten there if it wasn't for my Aunty Vida and Aunty Noxie, for those who aren't close that's Miss Vida Boheme and Miss Noxeema Jackson. They tied-ed for Drag Queen of the Year, and took pity on this little latin boy in drag and took her to Hollywood teaching me how to be a full fledged queen.

We did break down and ended up in a town called Snydersville. Oh honey let me tell you I met the most handsomest, sweetest mans there, his name was Bobby Ray. He was so handsome, and just so nice. I just knew I couldn't lie to him nomore about what I was really was, a boy in a dress, he deserved a real girl he could love. And what a coinkidink there was this sweet shy little girl named Bobby Lee who was in love with him. See that town it made me want to cry, we lied entire time we were there, we never told them we were drag queens.

They found out when Sheriff Dullard, oh I mean Dollard since he claimed it was a misprint (though really Mija, Dullard fit, that mans had no personality), came and blew our cover. We were so scared-ded we thought they'd turn us in for sure. But honey that entire little town they stuck up for us, isn't that something? I'll have to go visit again and see how everyone is doing.

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ChiChi Rodriquez [userpic]

16b, picture prompt

December 13th, 2006 (10:52 pm)

I have this bear she goes everywhere with me mija she's my little Princess Larissa named after this princess in these stories i like. I've had her since I was little so she's all worn. She doesn't sit up straight anymore, and she's missing one eye. Her nose is no longer pink and her stuffing is no longer as soft. I love her all the same. She's been there for me through break ups, comforted me through the heartache it brought. Let me cry on her shoulder when some mans would hit me or just use me and leave me after saying he loved me. She's been my best friend for a long time, she was there when I had no one.

Even though I have Vida and Noxie now, my very own Princess Larissa will never be forgotten because she's too important to forget. You never forget your very first friend, the first person you tell all your secrets to.

ChiChi Rodriguez
To Wong Foo
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ChiChi Rodriquez [userpic]

talkingmuses Prompt 8A

September 30th, 2006 (02:30 pm)

Who in your life, be that someone you once knew or someone you know now, means the most to you?

Aye. I can't just choose ones! For me there are two people that means the most to me. Vida and Noxeema. I mean without those two I'd still be a mere boy in a dress and not the queen that I am. See they helped me to achieve the four steps to absolute fabulousness.

Step One: Let good thoughts be your sword and shield
Step Two: Ignore adversity
Step Three: Abide by the rules of love
Step Four: Larger then life is just the right size

Though mijas I have to admit step three was a hard one I mean Bobby Ray he was fiiiiine and fit. The sweetest man you could ever meet he made me feels good bout myself. But I knew in the end he belonged with Bobby Lee. Though that has to be a confusifying relationship with both named Bobby right?

Vida and Noxeema though I owe them so so much. They took my little latin ass and took me in to help me become better, and to go to Hollywood. I did feel a bit bad that I won at first but I saw those proud looks in their eyes mija and i knew they weren't angry. That they were those little jealous loca types that screamed and stuffs when they lost. They were happy for me and knew it was my last step to being the queen they said they'd maked me. They kept true to word too. Those two chicas they are my family and I'm not going to gives them up, oh no.

ChiChi Rodriguez
To Wong Foo: Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar
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ChiChi Rodriquez [userpic]

ineffablefandom September Prompt D

September 28th, 2006 (11:41 am)

Outcast? ai mama I'm one of the true epitomes of an outcasted. I'm a drag queen, people either love me or want to kick my ass though to be honest and true it's mainly they want to kick my ass. See many think I'm some sort of evil or sicko person because I'm a boy in a dress, but really I'm not. It's just who I am really, I just feel more comfortable and stuffs. What's so evil and sick about that? Though if Sheriff Dullard, or well Dollard, had his way everyone would think Vida, Noxie, and I freaks. Guess to some we are but they are usually the non open minded-ed peoples. I'm just like you, I mean I want the same as most people do.

I wants to find my honest and true love, I want to be happy, I want to live life how I want. I want someone to loves me for who I am and not to be looked down upon. I want to be accepted, I don't need approval because mija, I'm going to stay this way no matter if you approve or nots. Auntie Noxie said it best approval neither desired nor required. You can either accept me for who I am, ChiChi, or you can not. I'd like friends but I'm not changing to get them so if that makes me outcasted-ed, then so be it.

ChiChi Rodriguez
To Wong Foo: Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
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ChiChi Rodriquez [userpic]

Talking Muses, 7a, Lied to.

September 18th, 2006 (07:57 am)

Being lied to sucks. It sucksCollapse )

ChiChi Rodriguez
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
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ChiChi Rodriquez [userpic]

Talking Muses App

September 10th, 2006 (01:14 pm)

What is your greatest fear?

Oh Mami, Papi, my greatest fear? Is not finding my one and only true love, missing him completely. I mean oh what if he dieded? Then I'd be all alone, well I have Auntie Vida and Auntie Noxie. But I want a mans of my own honey, one that will take care of me, and love me, and treat me good. Not one of these old ugly mens that get what they want and leave money on the table beside the bed and is gone. No I want someone sweet like Bobby Ray oohh now baby there was the kindest gentlest mans you'd ever get to lay your eyes on. I was love in love with him, or maybe it was just the idea of him, but Bobby Lee oh she had it bad. That and Bobby Ray was under the impression I was all woman, which as much as I'd like to be honey, I'm not.

After meeting him oh honey I know exactly what kind of mans I want. Someone who will do sweet little things for me, someone to be my knight in shining pickup truck (or whatever he drives) when I am in trouble. I just hope he's out there I'll wish really really hard and think only good thoughts. I just fear not having a mans love me like that, of being alone. No see I don't want that. This little chica wants to be loved. Accepted by her mans. And if I meet him and he don't approve then his loss as Auntie Noxie says.

Approval neither wanted nor required. I'm going to be me no matter what honey. Then again if he can't approve then maybe he's not my one and only true love.

ChiChi Rodriquez
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
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